Is This Bank F***ing Kidding Me!?

Do I sound f***ing pissed!? Because I am. I’m just going to get right into the story while it’s still fresh in my mind and my emotions are still raw. I had to be calmed down by one of my coworkers after this (it’s always nice to have one of those coworkers you can vent […]

5 Things I Learned From A Banking Summit

I recently attended a banking summit in a posh ballroom in a Financial District skyscraper earlier this week. The event was held specifically for all of us in the licensed banker program my bank holds. As I am my branch’s licensed banker, I was invited to attend. Attendance was mandatory. Still, it was pretty nice. […]

10 Ways To Spend Less And Earn More That You Need To Start Doing RIGHT NOW

I’ll get right to it: You want more money, you need more money, but you don’t have it. I know this because I see your accounts. Not your account balances per se, I’m not talking about that. People have money in other banks and brokerages. No, I see what you guys overdraft. I see how often you […]