5 Reasons I DON’T Use BombBomb–And Why You SHOULD

Hi, everybody! Today’s post is going to be a little different. I’m going to talk to you guys about BombBomb. No, not the Super Mario Brothers enemy. That’s a Bob-Omb. No, not anything that’s going to get us all put on a government watch list. We’ll save that for the Dark Web.

No, BombBomb is a video emailing service. Formed in Colorado in 2006, Darin Dawson and Conor McCluskey found that they connected better with their respective customers when they spoke face-to-face, but also knew email was the best way to reach out to many potential clients. From there, BombBomb was created.

I have no idea why they chose that name.

BombBomb video emails aren’t the same as simply attaching a video to a regular email. They are fully geared towards making video the primary method of communicating with your recipients. It allows you to create custom templates so that your video emails look fresh and unique. And their analytics allow you to track how many emails have been opened, watched, forwarded, and whether sales conversions are being made.

Now, this is a sponsored post, yes, but it is a little different than other ones. You see, normally I would recommend a company and its products or services and tell you all about how I either use it or would totally use it given the chance. Today, however, I am going to talk about 5 reasons I don’t use BombBomb……and why you should.

Because if you have a business where you are selling a product or service of your own making, than BombBomb video email services are a must to differentiate yourself from the competition and turn prospects into leads.

1) I Sell No Product

All the people who've bought my products. [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
All the people who’ve bought my non-existent products. [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
Angry Retail Banker is a blog like many others. I make money from Google Adsense ads (such as the ones that are at the very top and very bottom of each page), affiliate links in which I earn a commission if you click on them and take a certain action, and from sponsored posts such as this one.

But that’s it. I have no product or service I offer. I don’t give coaching sessions like Jason Fieber or sell a popular ebook like Sam Dogen of Financial Samurai. With no clients, what services am I video emailing people about? What value does a video email provide to my small email list?

I guess I can send targeted emails advertising the products and services that I am an affiliate of? Different companies have different rules on what you can and can’t do, though. I would have to check, but I don’t think I’m allowed by my affiliate terms of service to send certain types of emails to potential customers that have affiliate links. And God forbid no one on my email subscriber list needs to refinance their student loans. Guess I wasted my time sending them a video email from BombBomb.

But your business? Oh, this is no waste of time. Whether you sell a high-value ebook, software solutions, or a financial course, you need to sign up with BombBomb. If your massive list of email subscribers aren’t signing up for your paid webinars, or purchasing your proprietary energy drink, or showing up for your one of a kind cooking-while-showering classes, replacing your text emails with BombBomb video emails may be the answer.

In a 2013 survey by the Relevancy Group, 55% of respondents–businesses who had started using video email marketing–reported higher click-through rates. In addition, 44% reported an increase in the amount of time recipients spent with an email, and 41% reported an increase in the forwarding of emails. These mean higher sales in the end.

So while a regular blogger with only a bunch of affiliate links might not benefit from BombBomb video email marketing, I think a business with a product line and a client base would.

2) I’m Better With The Written Word

I couldn't verbalize this information. [Photo courtesy of pixabay.com]
I couldn’t verbalize this information. [Photo courtesy of pixabay.com]
I am a writer, and I’ve been a writer since I was a kid. I’ve always had fun with creative writing projects, and this blog isn’t my first public writing adventure. You’d think I’d have published a novel by now.

Speaking, however, isn’t where the fun is for me. School projects that required presenting to the class terrified me. I don’t argue as well face to face, nor am I as likely to stand up for myself or give a contrarian opinion verbally. I recently had a disagreement with a coworker (not an argument or anything bad like that) over whether or not to fill out a branch level SAR on a customer, with me being pro-SAR and him being anti. I didn’t even argue my point with him. I did the same thing recently when my manager was getting on my case about something, as well as all the other times my manager gets on my case.

Your favorite banker (me) is way more gifted with the written word than the spoken one. Blog posts suit me. Taking the time to craft the garbage that gets spewed on here incredible pieces of written content suits me. But putting it into video form doesn’t. A BombBomb video email would not be something that would benefit this blog.

But a BombBomb video email marketing campaign would take your business to new heights.

Simply put, personalized video emails convert more sales than the mass text emails you’ve been sending out to everybody. And more importantly, most of your successful businesses weren’t built entirely on your laptops in your bedrooms. Every story that starts with “He built his first software company in his parents’ garage” is a load of you-know-what; those companies are built by being socially outgoing. By networking with other entrepreneurs, winning the confidence of investors, earning the respect and loyalty of a dedicated team, and building successful client relationships.

By making your voice heard and your face seen. By using your tone of voice and body language to compliment your words.

Video email marketing is how you are able to use your social skills to connect to potential clients anytime and anywhere.

3) I Make Money By Mass Sales, Not Individual Interactions

Great, lots of people. Can you click on--Okay, why is everybody throwing pins in the air? [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
Great, lots of people. Can you click on–Okay, why is everybody throwing pins in the air? [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
Being a “regular blog”, I make money by getting as many readers as possible to click on as many ads and affiliate links as possible. To attract as many people as possible, I’ve optimized my blog’s SEO so that prayed really hard so that Google puts my blog on its first page for bank-related search queries.

It would be impossible to send a video email to every single one of the 3,000 people who read my blog each month.

But for many businesses–especially those who rely on large sales from individual clients, such as real estate agents or those in B2B (Business to Business) sales–a video email marketing campaign is key. These businesses work by high margins rather than high volume, and so the ability to connect to individual clients is what will cause “window shoppers” to convert into sales. In such a business, earning the trust of your customers is paramount, and an important way to do so is to connect to them personally.

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of a personal connection in business growth and development. And while that article I just linked to talks about interactive social media, having a personalized video–where your potential client sees and hears YOU, and listens to you use their name and give them personalized advice–sent to your client’s inbox with BombBomb will go a long way into earning their business.

Now before anyone calls me out on having panned the whole notion of using the customers’ names in the past, understand that retail banking is, well, a retail environment. The rules change on the teller line, or on the line at the grocery store, or at Best Buy. If I’m buying a home, I want to know my real estate agent’s name. I want to make sure this a person I can trust and rely on for advice. If I’m withdrawing $100 from the bank, I really don’t care what the teller’s name is. I’m probably using the ATM anyway.

4) I Don’t Have Quality Camera Equipment

This is the equipment I used to create this blog. The empty space in the middle is where I store the revenue. [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
This is the equipment I used to create this blog. The empty space in the middle is where I store the revenue. [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
This blog has been written entirely on an aging laptop that is truly on its last legs. It was years before I realized that there was a built-in webcam. I’ve used it once or twice. It looks like a pixelated version on me is skipping in and out of time. Sending my non-existent customers unwanted personalized video emails for my non-existent Angry Retail Banker proprietary products would just look horrible.

could buy quality equipment, but it’s just not worth it for me.

But it’s worth it for you to buy quality camera/webcam equipment if you are going to use BombBomb’s video email services. If you are reaching out to individual clients for their business, you want to leave a good first impression. You want your video to look and sound good. If you don’t have good editing software (and editing skills), then you want to at least look like you didn’t shoot your video on an old iPhone.

You want to show your professional pride.

5) I’m An Anonymous Blogger

Pictured above: Me writing this post. [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
Pictured above: Me writing this post. [Photo courtesy of pexels.com]
I’m sure you could take Parts 1-4 and spin it into an argument on why I should be using video emails. But ultimately, any reason I have to not do video emails (or any sort of audio/visual content) is ultimately irrelevant in light of this one specific issue.

I am an anonymous blogger.

I can’t send videos that showcase my face and voice. That risks outing my real identity.

Even wearing a mask and doing some software editing magic to disguise my voice (which I have neither the software nor skills to do), I risk people recognizing me by my clothes and mannerisms.

Your business probably isn’t the same. If you are selling your personalized legal services or your series of how-to ebooks that teach advanced knowledge in a specific field, then you probably want people to know who you are so that they can see your background and have reason to put their trust in you. If I purchase a course about how to build software applications, then I want to know that the person who created the course is an expert in computer science and software coding.

For your business, BombBomb’s video emails can be a godsend. They will take your faceless name and turn it into a real person that clients can trust. You will be advertising yourself, your personal brand. And that trust will lead to more sales.


I won’t be using BombBomb’s video emailing services anytime soon. I’m not a business with clients who need individualized attention before big ticket sales. I don’t even have products or services of my own creation! Plus, my laptop isn’t that great (it takes forever just to start up), I’m really a better writer than I am a speaker, and I’m anonymous so I can’t even risk doing videos anyway.

But if you own a business in which you communicate with potential clients by email, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you aren’t using BombBomb video emails. The client’s ability to see your face and hear your voice can exponentially increase their trust in you, and that trust makes it easier to upsell and cross-sell. And trust me, upselling and cross-selling are the keys to customer satisfaction.

I would definitely take the time to read their blog and learn how a video can help you stand out in your industry. I would also give BombBomb a try as you can get two weeks free without having to give your credit card information. If your business relies on big ticket sales and personalized communication with individual clients, you owe it to yourself to get started with video emails as soon as possible. It’s free for two weeks, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Unless you rely on being anonymous, like me.

Readers–What do YOU think!? Who here owns a business that could benefit from BombBomb’s video email services? Does anyone use BombBomb? What do you think of it? And is there a way around my own “shortcomings” through which video emails would benefit this blog? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated to write and publish it. A little odd that I did a whole post on why I don’t use BombBomb, right? That said, I only do sponsored content from companies whom I use personally or trust for my readers. After researching and hearing testimonials, I think that BombBomb’s services would be a great asset for those who own and operate certain businesses. Make sure you check them out for more information. 

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