Andrew McCabe, Donald Trump, And The Case Against Pensions

When it comes to the Trump White House, there’s never a shortage of news and scandal. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was set to retire after more than twenty years of service. His retirement date was set to be Sunday March 18, 2018. He was fired on Friday March 17, 2018. The various explanations for […]

Time For ANOTHER Major Announcement!

Just recently, I made a major announcement that I had bought a home and am now working to pay off a mortgage. It’s an exciting time for me, filled with life changes. Well now, it’s time for another major announcement. And sorry, but this one is coming a couple months late. As you know, I’ve been feeling trapped and […]

Time For A Major Annoucement

Hey everyone! I’ve been on a “hiatus” for just over a week due to not having any Internet. Honestly, with my posting schedule, I doubt anybody noticed. Of course, there’s a reason that I haven’t had Internet in awhile. It’s because I’ve finally moved out on my own!!!! Oh, I’ve lived with roommates for some time. […]