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About Angry Retail Banker

This site is all about my insights in the banking industry. I mainly focus on retail banking and customer service since that is the field I’ve been working in for the better part of a decade. Many sites and blogs about banking come from all types of high level ?experts?; consultants, executives, regulators, and the like. This blog, on the other hand, comes from the perspective of one of the ?boots on the ground?. I give my thoughts and insights on retail banking and customer service, and those thoughts and insights come from the experience of working inside the branches of your local bank, rather than from the 13rd floor of the corporate headquarters.

Most of my thoughts are negative. You are on a site called ?Angry Retail Banker?.

What Does Angry Retail Banker Aim To Do?

Angry Retail Banker aims to entertain and educate, presumably while angry all the time. I will say my piece about everything banking-related, from banking policies to rude customers to everything in between. But I don’t just rant and rave about stupid rules and nasty customers. I also educate. From how to manage your money to how to protect yourself from identity theft, I give advice on all the best practices. And for those of you working in retail banking, I have tips and advice on how to make it through each day.

Who Should Read Angry Retail Banker?

Everybody! Tell your third grade child to put down his homework and read this site!

Seriously, this site is for everybody, but it’s mainly geared for those who work in retail banking. Much of the content consists of my grievances with one part of retail banking or another, including the customers. And many of those grievances are sentiments that I’ve heard from my coworkers and other bankers as well. The primary purpose is to create a place that other angry retail bankers can come, hear their own thoughts and grievances being echoed and validated, and maybe even share their stories as well. It’s a place where those of us in the trenches can come together.

That said, I also wish for this to be a place for non-bankers as well. I want others who don’t have the benefit of “inside knowledge” to learn about the institutions that hold their money. It benefits everyone?banker and customer alike?to learn how banks work, how to avoid fees, and how to handle problems. So I’m hoping this could be as much of a place where a non-banker can come and be educated as it is a place where bankers fed up with the industry can come together and voice their grievances.

From complaining about the industry to learning how it works, everyone is welcome!

Who Am I?

Ssssh! It’s a secret!

Angry Retail Banker About
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Actually, it sort of is. This blog is an anonymous blog out of necessity. I spend a lot of time attacking retail banking (it’s sort of the purpose of the site), but I currently work in that industry. Even if my opinions are not inflammatory for the sake of being inflammatory, it can still be disastrous to my reputation and career prospects if I revealed my identity on this site. Even if I leave retail banking, future employers would think twice about hiring someone who’s spending his off hours critiquing the industry that they work for. If I wanted to get a job with Apple or the FBI, they would be less likely to hire me if they thought I would be creating blogs that attack the tech industry or national intelligence/law enforcement, right?

Plus, I’m a believer in professional courtesy. Names of my coworkers, managers, customers, and even the banks that I’ve worked at are not going to be revealed. This is a place for me (and others) to come and vent about the retail banking industry, not to drag others’ names through the mud as a public spectacle.

What I will say about myself is that I have been in retail banking for almost ten years, and I live in the American Northeast. I worked my way up from teller to personal banker during that time and I’ve worked for multiple banks. Despite what one may think considering the nature of the site, I am far from being an unproductive, whiny employee who attempts to skate by on doing the bare minimum. I’ve led the tellers in referrals when I was a teller, and as a banker I’m at the top of my branch when it comes to sales, I lead my peers in investment referrals, and I am approached consistently by junior employees when it comes to problem solving and advice on best practices.

I’ll also say that, in the grand scheme of things, I’m no one ?special?. Meaning I’m not the CEO of Chase, I don’t have insider knowledge about the future plans of Citibank, etc. I’m not that high up the food chain. Rather, I could be the personal banker you spoke with the other day, or the teller who used to cash your paycheck every week. And while I may not have the inside information or the access to hard numbers that a consultant or executive with decades of experience may have, that doesn’t invalidate any of the complaints or advice that I make/give in this blog. Sometimes you need a ground level viewpoint to put those numbers in perspective.


Angry Retail Banker is intended to be my thoughts about the retail banking industry, both a place to complain about working in it as well as advice for customers, employees, and the banks themselves. I hope everybody who reads this blog will find a place where their grievances are validated, where they learn how to make the most of their bank accounts, or where they can simply be entertained.


  1. back office girl says

    Do you ever need to handle deceased customer accounts? if you are in the midatlantic region this is a topic you should consider writing about

    • ARB says

      Back office girl,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! That…..is actually an amazingly good idea for a blog post. I’ll have to add that to the list of things to write about (I have a list of topics that’s about a mile and a half long). Thanks a lot!

      Hope to have you as a loyal reader!

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

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