Debt Counter

In 2018, I became a homeowner. Purchasing a co-op apartment, I now have mortgage debt that I’m paying off along with an HOA fee.

I need to pay off this debt, but I can’t do this alone. I need your help, everybody. No, I’m not asking for donations. Of course, you can assist me (and yourselves) financially by making use of the various financial Resources I’ve covered for you guys.

No, I need your help to keep me on track. I need you guys to keep me honest and keep me from veering too far off the path to debt freedom.

So I’m creating this page to track my debt as I embark down the journey to debt freedom. As I pay down the debt, I will update this page with the new balance. Together, we will watch as this real time Debt Counter goes down to zero!

The Debt. The Goal

Our starting point in February 2018 is $90,000 worth of mortgage debt.

It’s a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 4.125%.

My bank wants me to pay this debt off over thirty years. My bank wants to charge me interest everyday for my entire life until 2048, when I’m in my lower sixties.

I refuse. My goal? Become debt free by 2023!

Let’s do this!

Debt Counter

February 2018: $90,000