Don’t Argue Bank Policy With Me!

Maybe there are a lot of bankers out there who don’t know what’s going on around them, but I’ve been at this some time now. While I have never called myself an “expert” on anything regarding banking (I hate putting my foot in my mouth), I do know my job and I know it quite […]

Why Your Banker Keeps Selling You Stuff…….And Why You Should Listen

I’m going to take a wild guess as to what happened during your last trip to the bank. You went to the teller simply to cash a check, and the teller tried to push a credit card on you. Or perhaps you needed to speak to a personal banker to order a book of checks, […]

Happy Winter Storm Juno!!!!!!

A Historic Blizzard Prepares To Leave Its Mark Winter Storm Juno Buries The United States So if you live in the American Northeast, you are probably inside due to the coming Winter Storm Juno. This historic blizzard is going to start dropping snow on us full force from Monday night well through Tuesday and possibly […]

Five Simple Ways To Protect Your Debit Card

I cannot tell you how often someone comes to my desk with fraudulent charges on their account. It’s at least once every couple days. And 99% of the time, these charges are debit card charges. We live in a world where the debit card is still fairly new, and many people still don’t know how […]

True Art Is Criminal: An MIT Professor’s Bank Robbery

There Are Artists, And There Is Joe Gibbons Sometimes art can be hard to understand. I’ve seen a handful of those artsy indie films shot by students who think that a closeup of a dead leaf in a river is riveting symbolism. What’s up with those films? And sometimes, people go out of their way […]

The Right To Choose………The Order Your Money Is Debited

We Should All Be Pro-Choice In my previous post, I talked about how ridiculous it is that people believe that they shouldn’t have to pay any fees for any sort of service simply by virtue of existing (the day before this writing, a man told me he shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars of […]

The Nonsense of Fee Refunds

Everyday, I have to deal with the nonsense of fee refunds and fee waivers. Whether it’s a person demanding that they get a free bank check or someone who thinks that the account they opened two months ago shouldn’t have been charged a maintenance fee despite being perpetually below the minimum balance, I cringe every […]

A Misconception On How Banks Make Money

You Want To Deposit a Ton of Money? I Don’t Care! A lot of people have a slight misconception on how banks make money. I’d like to talk about that, but first I feel like I should set the tone for what drifted my thinking in that direction. Not too long ago, a pair of […]