Do I Look Stupid To You?

How Many Payees Can One Money Order Have? I guess I come off as stupid at first glance, because I just had a couple morons today that I have to tell you about. To everybody that’s planning to commit fraud, let this be a lesson to you. We can smell your crap from a mile […]

Just Got A Promotion Today!

But I Don’t Know How To Feel About That How is everybody doing today? Fine? Great, I got an announcement today. My manager offered me an in-branch promotion and I’ve accepted. I will now be a licensed banker, able to sell annuities and insurance. This is definitely a good thing for me. It looks great […]

I Swear Someone’s About To Get Slapped

So apparently, the Angry Retail Banker hasn’t been angry enough. Oh no, the banking gods have felt that my job was just too easy lately and for the last couple of weeks have been sending in the most idiotic morons through the front door of my bank straight to my desk. And “idiotic morons” is […]

Beyond The Suspicious Activity Report: Is Your Bank Calling The Cops When You Withdraw Money? (Hint: No)

The Free Thought Project Didn’t Think This Through You find the most terrifying things on social media. Especially when it comes to banking and government. Now, many Americans debate the role of government in our private lives, including our financial lives. Some people want more government intervention to help us make the right financial decisions […]

Yes, You Have To Show ID: A Candid Talk About Identity Theft And Why I Stopped Caring

Alright everyone, sit down and shut up. It’s time that we all had a little talk. A talk about showing ID at the bank. It’s come to my attention that there’s been some confusion as to when you have to show your identification at the bank. Well it hasn’t just come to my attention. Ever […]

Hey Banks, Train Your Call Staff!

Sorry in advance if I don’t have any links pointing to research or media articles depicting bank-related statistics and the like. And sorry in advance to all the competent members of the banks’ contact center staff teams. Those of you who know your jobs and work hard to earn your paychecks and assist customers, I […]