4 Bad Ways To Turn Your Car Into Cash And 1 Good Way With TFC Title Loans

As most personal finance bloggers have written in the past, most Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover even the smallest financial emergencies. And as I’ve written before, many people find themselves in situations where they need a loan but don’t have the credit score for it. It’s sort of ironic; the segment of […]

Top 5 Big Credit Card Mistakes Hurting Your Credit

The following is a contribution from Stacy B. Miller over at Kiss Your Money. On her blog, you can find tons of awesome articles about saving, budgeting, investing, and all sort of money tips. None of them actually involve kissing your money; that’s very unhygienic. I invited her over here so she can talk to […]

How To Pay Off Debt Fast

I’d like to thank you, Mr. Customer, for applying for an unsecured personal loan with our bank a year ago. Your application for $20,000 was approved and you sped through the process like Sonic The Hedgehog towards his next ill-advised gimmick game. I hope that $20,000 was put to good use and you–Why are you […]