Is This A Form Of LEGAL Identity Theft?

Folks, in my ten years of banking, I thought I had seen it all. Well, except for a robbery or actual fistfight (knock on wood). I’ve seen people pee in the parking lot, on tellers’ cars, and in managers’ offices. We’ve had people escorted out of the bank in handcuffs for committing check fraud, and […]

Yes, You Have To Show ID: A Candid Talk About Identity Theft And Why I Stopped Caring

Alright everyone, sit down and shut up. It’s time that we all had a little talk. A talk about showing ID at the bank. It’s come to my attention that there’s been some confusion as to when you have to show your identification at the bank. Well it hasn’t just come to my attention. Ever […]

Five Simple Ways To Protect Your Debit Card

I cannot tell you how often someone comes to my desk with fraudulent charges on their account. It’s at least once every couple days. And 99% of the time, these charges are debit card charges. We live in a world where the debit card is still fairly new, and many people still don’t know how […]