The Terrible Twos: Angry Retail Banker Is Two Years Old!

Remember the TV sitcom¬†Dinosaurs? It was from the 1990s and it was about a working class dinosaur family back in the prehistoric ages. Remember the episode where Baby Sinclair (“Not the mama!”) turns two and enters the Terrible Twos, causing him to become evil? Guess what? That’s me now. Angry Retail Banker celebrates its two […]

Angry Retail Banker Is 1 Year Old!!!!!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this important announcement. ANGRY RETAIL BANKER IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!!! That’s correct, my Angry Retailites (I’ve got to get a fan name for you guys), this is the first anniversary of Angry Retail Banker. It was a year today that the very first post on […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of every blogger, website administrator, and smartphone user with no qualms about using the mass text feature over and over and wish everybody a¬†HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, hands down! It’s the only holiday that actually means anything today. Other holidays are about […]

Sunshine Blogger Award

Ladies and gentlemen, I have made it in the blogging world! I, your beloved Angry Retail Banker, have been nominated for the prestigious Sunshine Blogger Award! I will be traveling to Hollywood, wining and dining with high profile celebrities, and–wait what’s that?………….Ah. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, it appears I was slightly mistaken. It appears I […]