Angry Retail Banker Is 1 Year Old!!!!!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this important announcement.


That’s correct, my Angry Retailites (I’ve got to get a fan name for you guys), this is the first anniversary of Angry Retail Banker.

It was a year today that the very first post on this blog went up. Okay, it was that generic “Hello World” post that WordPress automatically starts you with, with my first real post, “A Misconception On How Banks Make Money”, being published the next day, but I still count it.

You know, I almost wasn’t going to do it at first. Blogging, I mean. I had read about the benefits of blogging, but I was never a computer person. I didn’t care much for blogging, but I always enjoyed writing. I joined revenue-sharing sites and wrote for them. A great way to learn what makes a good article and what doesn’t, as well as teach you the basics of how to post articles and pictures, but that’s about it. It’s being an employee as opposed to owning your own business. Some of these sites are very good, but others game the system and make up their own rules to ensure that only their top dogs make any money.

Angry Retail Banker Is 1 Year Old!!!!!
[Photo courtesy of]
And after getting my articles denied for trivial reasons one too many times, I decided enough was enough.

After speaking with MMD of My Money Design and reading a great in depth article on how to start a blog and make money from it on Great Passive Income Ideas, I decided to forge ahead, pay for the hosting, and create my own space on the Internet.

And thus, an angry retail banker became the Angry Retail Banker.

A Perfect Fit

Unlike OJ Simpson’s hand and the infamous glove, this blog was the perfect fit for me. I had been in retail banking just long enough to have a credible opinion on roughly everything about it and I had done other writing projects in the past (that were never completed and have been seen only by me and very few others, unlike this blog which has been shared with the whole world since day one). I had advice to give and stuff to say, and what better way to say it than through a blog?

A blog that was mine. There’s no editors denying my articles because of whatever reason they decided that day. And there’s no boss telling me what type of conversations I “need” to be having with my customers or how many times I need to say their names in order to satisfy the requirements of a potential mystery shop. No, I’m the boss and I’m sure there will be no abuse of power that comes with being the sole owner of this blog.

Pictured above: Me moderating the comments section
Pictured above: Me moderating the comments section. [Photo courtesy of]
Once the blog was up, I could take all the angry rants that I had in my head and put them on digital paper. I always had something to say about my nastier customers, or about why the bank does this or that. People who’ve heard my rants couldn’t help but notice the hint of truth they had and the weird sort of sense they made. So why not let the world hear me?

At the same time, I could also offer the advice on banking I could never give to people as a banker, either because I can only speak to one customer at a time or because I’m not allowed to give the customer the frank advice they need. But here, I can!

And I could monetize everything in the process. Those aforementioned revenue-sharing sites were my first foray into passive income, or at least my first into non-investment passive income. And there were plenty of ways for me to pursue and achieve passive income, but I’m neither a photographer nor a frequent credit card user. Like I said, I needed the right fit, and blogging was the way to go.

And it was a great decision for me. Besides being therapeutic, I’ve been entertaining and educating millions (tens) of people with ways to safely use your debit card and where to order checks, and stories of stupid customers and 911 calls. I’ve met other awesome bloggers out there as well, and I’ve seen my traffic steadily rise since I started. This month so far, I have 75% of the traffic that I got for last month. But December is only half over and I can’t wait to see the results.

Triumphs And Setbacks

I’d share some blogging tips and advice with you guys, but I’d rather get some respectable traffic first. I’m not the Angry Retail Blogger; I’m not as qualified to give you advice on your blogging as I am to give you advice on your banking. Other bloggers have done it on their one year anniversaries, but not me.

But I can share some of my triumphs and setbacks.

Learning how to use WordPress effectively was one major triumph. It’s hard to believe that someone who can’t get a DVD player to work can run a website, but here I am. But I’ll say, it’s much easier once everything is fully set up and all the difficult parts are behind you.

Changing to the Genesis theme, getting all the Adsense ads where you want them to be, customizing your menus, do you know how hard all that crap is!? I’ll go on Youtube to follow the advice of the people on there (I’ll watch videos titled “How To Put An Adsense Ad At The Top Of Your WordPress Page”) and despite doing everything exactly as they were doing, literally click-for-click, whatever I was trying to do still wouldn’t work. Mucking around with the code is terrible too. Let’s just say that getting that ad on the header to fit properly was way more difficult than it should have been.

And my logo? Holy Brooklyn Rage, Yugi (nyeh?), that took a full day to do! If I hadn’t fallen in love with my logo the moment the artist I commissioned to make it showed it to me, my blog would still look like this:

Actually, it still looks otherwise the same.
Actually, it still looks otherwise the same.

But I powered through that, through system errors and issues with updates and plugins, and am now powering through a different issue; lack of readership and earnings.

But I’m working on both of those. Been adding new pages to my site in the last month or so (a Blogroll and a Book review page are always nice, and a Disclaimers page should help with credibility and SEO (at least according to Rich)). I’ve also been researching profitable long tail keywords using Long Tail Pro.

Soon I’ll be a blogger that people the world over wonder “Man, how does that guy make so much money a month from his blog?” My dream is to be accused of inflating my online income.

But I also want to be a blogger that people get frustrated with because they’re bored and I haven’t put new content up in two days. I want to be a blogger who is on everyone else’s blogrolls. I want to be a blogger who people learn from, a banking blogger that people trust more than their own bankers. And an all around entertaining blogger whose rants and raves both anger, amuse, inspire, and set off mental lightbulbs.

I have many triumphs and setbacks behind me and many more ahead. But for that ultimate goal, to create a popular and profitable blog, I’m working on it.

Anniversary Shout Outs

And so I’d like to segue my first year into my second with some thank you’s.

Thanks to all the coworkers I’ve had who have taught me everything about banking over the years (and who I am still learning from), and to the managers who’ve believed in me and put their names behind mine. I hope I’ve done and continue to do you guys right.

Thanks to all the good customers I’ve had over the years. For all the complaining about the customers I do, I’ve gotten to know many great people over the years. I’ve seen some of them move away, some of them get devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and even some of them pass away. But talking to–and being able to help–those customers has always been a privilege. This does not extend to my stupid and nasty customers despite giving me enough writing material for an entire encyclopedia. You all can go invest with Bernie Madoff.

Thanks to MMD for talking me into doing the blog, and for letting me guest post on his site. My first guest post ever! Also for the ton of advice he’s given me.

Thanks to Rich of Redeemed Finance and Bryan of Just One More Year as well, also for letting me guest post on their sites as well. Bryan, you really seem to be enjoying this blog. And so I hope you and everyone else continues to do so.

And a big thanks to all of you out there who read Angry Retail Banker. Whether you share it on social media, buy products through my affiliate links, or just read an article and enjoy, it means a lot to me to have people taking the time to come to my blog of all the millions and millions of websites out there on the Internet, Hidden Internet, and all other Internets. Thank you!!!!

Hopefully Year 2 will truly be something special!

Readers–What do YOU think!? Did you enjoy my first year as a blogger as much as I did? Did you learn from the site or have fun watching my meltdowns? What would you like to see going forward? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. says

    Wow, already a year old. Look how much you have grown! And now that you are walking and able to hold your own bottle, occasionally saying “ma” – I am so proud of you! If I could just get you out of your diapers…..

    ….just had a parenting flashback from almost two decades ago… :)

    Congratulations on your one-year anniversary ARB. I absolutely can relate with what you have gone through to get to this point. I am 5 months behind you in that same journey. It is therapeutic to get those thoughts and rants out of your head on this digital paper. My millions of readers (tens) are mostly enjoying what it is on my mind. I certainly do enjoy your posts.

    Thanks for the shout out! I look forward to another rant coming your way. With the holiday stress and shopping, aren’t there some banking customers just pissing you off right now? I know for me, we just got re-org’d on Tuesday for the third time in less than two years. That does not make me a happy camper.

    Take care ARB!
    Bryan (#1 fan)

    • ARB says


      Yep!I’m definitely growing up! I’m proud to say it’s been thirty days since I last pooped myself!

      ………………..So this got awkward.

      Anyhoo, glad to see your readers are enjoying your writing and I’m very glad you’re enjoying mine. Trust me, I have a couple rants coming soon, but I’ve been sick this past week and haven’t had the ability to do anything but sleep entire days away.

      Company reorganization is never good. They will always try to make it sound like a near orgasmic experience, hoping that the employees are stupid enough to buy it, but it never is. What do they have you doing now?

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

      • says

        We are being told by the supreme leadership that it will be business as usual. Seems like I have heard that before…..

        The changes take effect on January 1.

        I believe I will still be doing the same thing for the first 6 months. The good news, is after this next month with the sale of my home and downsizing, financially it doesn’t matter to us anymore. We are “there” if we want to pull the trigger and leave work!

        • ARB says

          You’re in a great place right now, Bryan.

          My advice? If you’re as financially sound as you say you are, pull the trigger. Leave. Why stay? There’s no reason to put up with this crap anymore.

  2. says

    Just call us your minions! I used to work in customer service so I feel your pain when you write of your experiences. Congratulations because most blogs don’t even make it to a one year anniversary and I hope there is more to come.

    • ARB says

      See, I feel like anybody can play the “minions” card. I need something catchy and original.

      It’s true that most blogs don’t last this long. I’m sort of surprised I made it here myself. But I read and listened to a hundred “how to make a successful blog” articles, and the number 1 cause of failure was people giving up because they didn’t become automatic successes. I promised myself that no matter what happened, I would keep this blog going until it was popular and profitable.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jaime!

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

  3. says

    Congrats on the one year anniversary, ARB. Its good to have met you through this community and always find your comments very interesting. Here’s to many more years to come.


    • ARB says

      Thanks and likewise, R2R! I’m glad to be a part of the personal finance blogger family and it’s been an honor to count you as a fan.

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

  4. says

    Congrats on achieving this year one milestone. The longer you blog, the greater chance you’ll be doing it for a long, long time. Getting over the one year hump is a nice milestone as many blogs have started up around the time you started only to go dormant. I don’t expect a post every few days but I think it’s important to publish at least once a week as a minimum. Congrats, of course, to learning WP too. It’s a testament to you both your willing to learn something new as well as the ease of use of WP. Keep writing and inspiring though I have to admit many of your posts make me feel tense as your “banking frustrations” really shine through. Congrats once again. Keep up the good work!

    • ARB says

      Thanks, Keith!

      I feel like getting past the first year is one of the biggest obstacles. It certainly is demoralizing when it seems nobody is reading the blog (I’ve told friends about the blog who the next day can’t remember the three simple words “Angry Retail Banker”). It’s a shame that so many blogs go out like that. I’d rather go out swinging than die slowly in the dark.

      And it’s good that my meltdowns and complaints make you tense as you read them. I wouldn’t be a very good writer if I tried to convey all this and everyone was like “Pssh, that’s no so bad”.

      Thanks for your support!

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

  5. says

    Hey ARB,
    Congrats on your 1 year milestone – I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your posts and working with you on the guest post. The site seems to be improving alot (SEO wise) – yes I checked. Keep up the great work, has work gotten more manageable? Any new lateral or upwards career moves?

    Hoping to get back into the swing of things and look forward to passing by often!

    • ARB says

      Rich! Long time no see! How’s the wedding planning going? I can only imagine how much of your time that’s been taking because I have not seen an update on Redeemed Finance in way too long.

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to see you’ve been a reader, and I’m glad to see that my stats have actually improved. I took your advice on a lot of things; that SEO report you did for me definitely helped me out. I took your advice and now have an active Twitter account.

      Unfortunately, work has not been as kind to me as blogging has. My new title has been a nightmare. I found out AFTER I took it that the position is a nightmare. Sales are impossible to make at my branch; I found out that even my branch manager has said (privately to someone else) that I have one hell of an uphill battle. Most people in the licensed banker program don’t stay in it. I’m looking to not be doing this by next year, one way or another.

      It’s great to see that you’re still alive and I hope Redeemed Finance becomes the Revived Phoenix sometime soon, springing back to life and into action. I was–and still am–a big fan of your site and have enjoyed it immensely.

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

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