For Financial Samurai Readers: WELCOME!!!

[Photo courtesy of Financial Samurai]
[Photo courtesy of Financial Samurai]
For all the people that came here from my guest post on Financial Samurai, WELCOME TO ANGRY RETAIL BANKER!!!!

I, the aforementioned Angry Retail Banker, would like to welcome you all here and give you the guided tour of the place. Figures, right when I have company over, the place is more of a mess than ever before.

This is the Internet’s number 1 resource for all things retail banking. With 10 years in retail banking, 15 years in customer service, and 2 years as a state life insurance licensed banker, I think I can safely say that I offer “An Insider’s Take On Retail Banking”.

This little anonymous banking blog is a bit different from other personal finance blogs and banking websites. After two years of blogging, I learned that my stream of conscious writing, blunt honesty, and unyielding rage are what keeps readers here. It’s part of what turns a casual reader into an ARBonaut, or a die hard fan.

Won’t you be my next ARBonaut?

Crazy Stories

Now we all just sat around on Financial Samurai and read some of the things you learn about people when working in retail banking. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get the chance to tell any crazy customer stories. Shame, because I have some good ones with more on the way:

The Nasty Customer That Got To Me Today–The story of a particular customer that was particularly good at pushing my buttons. Beware of flying notary stamps.

Dealing With The Google Law Professors–If you’re going to try to convince us you know banking law and we are violating it, please do more than a cursory Google search on the subject.

Two Customers, Two Rounds Of Utter Stupidity–Stupidity came in twos that day. You wouldn’t believe the things that grown adults say.

Debit Card Safety And You: Read This To Avoid Jail!–I don’t want to spoil anything, but I don’t want you to think that’s clickbait either. So all I’ll say is this: Yes, the story does end with handcuffs.

At What Point Do You Need To Call The Police?–When a customer’s threats turn physical, I am forced to act.

Popular Posts

Is this high school? Are you only reading these because all the other kids are? Oh, you are? Well okay then. Here are some of my most popular posts by page views:

Your Guide To Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems–Really, how many people are in collections!?

The Check Is Made Out To “Cash”!? A Potential Retail Banking Disaster–My take on a practice that I despise: Making a check out to “Cash”.

The Bank Is NOT The Best Place To Order Checks!–Most people run out of checks and run to the bank to order more. What if I told you we were ripping you off?

Beyond The Suspicious Activity Report: Is Your Bank Calling The Cops When You Withdraw Money? (Hint: No)–I fight back against the propaganda of the “preppers” who think low wage bank tellers are the Gestapo.

Anjali Ramkissoon, Alice Ann Lynch, And Living The Brand–Not really banking related, but my unfiltered (and incoherent) thoughts on those who are shamed on social media and the blending of our personal and professional lives, as well as the call by the corporate world for workers to “live the brand”.

Why Threatening To Close Your Account Doesn’t Work–Read this to save yourself time and energy next time you want to drop the A-bomb of customer threats on a service employee.

Adding Value

Believe it or not, this isn’t just a lifestyle/rant blog in the tradition of Xanga and LiveJournal (remember those?). I like to add value to my readers. I have a whole page full of resources for people to use to enrich their financial lives, but these are just some of the articles I’ve written that have actual financial solutions to help people.

The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Investing: Part 1–Stocks–The first part of a series. I talk about investing in stocks.

The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Investments: Part 2–Bonds–The series continues with a commentary on bond investing. Also, I somehow managed to screw up the title!

Stupid Entitled Customers: Why You Need A Cheap Online Brokerage Account–I thought this wasn’t a rant site. My bad. But here we talk about the need of investing in financial freedom from a different point of view: the need to escape customer service!

How To Pay Off Debt FastTitle says it all. How to get out of debt when you can’t even make minimum payments.

How To Refinance Student Loans With Credit Unions And Community BanksThere’s a better way to get out of the high interest student loan debt you may be in, and it doesn’t involve dealing with the big banks.


I hope I can provide a fraction of the entertainment and value that Sam does over at Financial Samurai. But I also hope you all stick around and enjoy yourselves. Pull up a chair, put your feet up, and enjoy Angry Retail Banker. Subscribe to my blog, read a bit more About me, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. I play hashtag games.

One last thing to ask you noble financial samurai warriors: The content, insights, and resources on both Angry Retail Banker and Financial Samurai are there to help people enrich themselves, or at least entertain. Even if you don’t personally find value in a piece of content or an affiliate product we speak about, I promise you that someone you know does. So please, if you see something we’ve written that you know could benefit someone specific, please share it with that person or share on your social media page. I’m sure they’ll thank you for it.

Thank you all for coming!


ARB–Angry Retail Banker


  1. Bodio says

    “Money is the most powerful force in the universe, right up there with gravity, compounding, and bacon.”

    Bacon! Because of this I have to check out your blog. Awesome!

  2. says


    Hello my old friend. As you know I have been missing in action, taking a break from writing and reading other PF blogs. That is except for only two blogs I am still subscribed to: Angry Retail Banker and Financial Samurai. Needless to say your posts put a big smile on my face. Great stuff!

    A note to the new readers discovering this blog, I highly recommend you go through ARB’s past posts. They are quite informative and funny. You will get a unique glimpse into the inner workings of the retail banking world from an insider. I love his sense of humor!

    Nice work on the guest post and keep the new updates coming my friend!

    Take care – Bryan

    • ARB says

      BRYAN!!!!!! MY NUMBER 1 FAN!!!!

      Man, it feels like forever! Have you retired yet? I believe Dianne should have began to collect her pension., right? I think you need to start writing your blog again. I still check it periodically, hoping for something new.

      Good to hear from you, and thanks for the vote of confidence and for the comment.

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

    • ARB says

      And you had me at your reference to “Malibu’s Most Wanted”. Thanks for bookmarking my site. Hope you enjoy!

      ARB–Angry Retail Banker

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