The Angry Retail Banker……………REVEALED!!!!!!

Hey guys, big announcement today!

As you know, Angry Retail Banker has always been an anonymous blog. I mean, look at what I write on here. It makes sense, right?

My primary reasoning is that I routinely call out and criticize the banking industry while still working in it and trying to move up in it. Does that really bode well for me if a future employer sees that? Or my current employer, for that matter?

The power of anonymity has allowed me to shield myself from the destructive power of the Internet. The same one that has destroyed people for silly things like inappropriate Twitter jokes and the like.

But like many other things, the Internet has potential for creation as well as destruction when it comes to your good name. So many bloggers have been able to leverage their own personal platforms to land speaking gigs, consulting work, and just higher paying jobs in general. Having your name attached to a well respected website means that you can take not just your career to new heights, but your site as well.

Personal finance sites do better when they have a name attached to them. Sam Dogen, Jason Fieber, J.D. Roth. These are people who became well known in the personal finance community partly because they are out there. Titles and logos don’t become famous. People become famous.

The Financial Samurai blog makes way more money from Sam Dogen’s speaking gigs than it does from Google Adsense. And it’s Sam that gets hired, not “Financial Samurai“. People hire Jason Fieber for coaching sessions and Daily Trade Alert pays him for his freelance writing. He, Jason, makes the bulk of the money from his website. It’s not “Mr. Free At 33” making it all through affiliate sales.

And so I’ve decided to follow suit.

Angry Retail Banker will no longer be an anonymous blog, and I’ve decided to reveal my identity to the world. My name, face, work history, all will be there for the world to see. And this will help me grow Angry Retail Banker into something bigger than it’s ever been.

Because I’m a drama queen, I’d rather make a video about it all. You can check out my dramatic reveal video where I reveal my name here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll recognize me.

Readers–What do YOU think!? Was this the right move for me to make? What do you think of the big announcement? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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