This is a listing of all the banking, investing, and personal finance blogs, sites, and forums that I regularly follow and highly recommend to others. They are in alphabetical order in order to avoid playing favorites. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.



Dividend Growth Forum

Dividend Growth Investor

Duena Blomstrom

Financial Debauchery

Financial Samurai

Great Passive Income Ideas

IRA vs 401k Central

Just One More Year

Modest Money

My Money Design

Redeemed Finance


Snarketing (featured on The Financial Brand)

The Conservative Income Investor


This page will be updated periodically as I discover more awesome blogs and websites. Who knows? Maybe your website will finds its way on here.

One thing to add. Please do not ask me to add your blog or site to my blogroll. Not to sound like I’m the world’s #1 blogger, but this is for blogs that I regularly follow. If your blog isn’t on here, then I probably am not checking for new content three or four times a day like I am with these blogs. That doesn’t mean your blog is bad, just that I haven’t seen it yet or haven’t really gotten into it.