Opportunity And Risk: Should I Take This Temp Position?

I’ve always valued the insights of the Angry Retail Banker community. My ARBonauts (you guys) always have great things to say in the comments sections of all my articles. I came to you all once looking for career advice and was overwhelmed by the responses. Stuff like that is part of the reason why I’ve […]

FRIDAY READER CASE: What Bank Career Path Should I Take From Here?

Bankers always are looking for the right bank career path. Some people ask friends for advice, others go to their managers. And some come here! Another Friday, another FRIDAY READER CASE! That’s right, my ARBonauts! Someone else is crazy enough to seek career advice from the Angry Retail Banker! Woe to these unfortunate souls! But as […]

4 Bad Ways To Turn Your Car Into Cash And 1 Good Way With TFC Title Loans

As most personal finance bloggers have written in the past, most Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover even the smallest financial emergencies. And as I’ve written before, many people find themselves in situations where they need a loan but don’t have the credit score for it. It’s sort of ironic; the segment of […]

Andrew McCabe, Donald Trump, And The Case Against Pensions

When it comes to the Trump White House, there’s never a shortage of news and scandal. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was set to retire after more than twenty years of service. His retirement date was set to be Sunday March 18, 2018. He was fired on Friday March 16, 2018. The various explanations for […]

Time For ANOTHER Major Announcement!

Just recently, I made a major announcement that I had bought a home and am now working to pay off a mortgage. It’s an exciting time for me, filled with life changes. Well now, it’s time for another major announcement. And sorry, but this one is coming a couple months late. As you know, I’ve been feeling trapped and […]

Time For A Major Annoucement

Hey everyone! I’ve been on a “hiatus” for just over a week due to not having any Internet. Honestly, with my posting schedule, I doubt anybody noticed. Of course, there’s a reason that I haven’t had Internet in awhile. It’s because I’ve finally moved out on my own!!!! Oh, I’ve lived with roommates for some time. […]

Banks Need To Get Their Priorities Straight!

I’m going to try to keep this article short and sweet, but it needs to be said that banks need to get their priorities straight. Especially when it comes to the branches and what we’re all supposed to be doing there. And the problems here that I am talking about are not the fault of […]

Guns, Bank Accounts, And Regulations

Is This The New American Century? It seems we’ve done it again, America. Another mass shooting has made the headlines. In a world where we’re the only country where this regularly happens, we’re setting records left and right for school shootings. I don’t think this is a congratulatory moment. Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High […]

How To Pull Your Life Together Following Bankruptcy

Hello, ARBonauts! It’s been awhile since we had a guest speaker here on the site. So let’s give a warm welcome to freelance finance/business write Grace Fenson! She’s here to talk about recovering from bankruptcy, which is no small feat. Okay Grace, you may start……….wait for it……..not yet………….and, GO! After filing for bankruptcy, pulling it […]

Angry Retail Banker Celebrates Its 3 Year Anniversary!

In late 2014, I had a vision of a popular anonymous banking blog overtaking the Internet. People would wonder and speculate who that mysterious and sexy keyboard warrior is, and flock behind him as he spoke TRUTH! Of course, I had no idea how to run a website, but I did a lot of research. And on December […]