Sponsored Guest Post Guidelines

Lately I’ve been getting tons of requests for sponsored guest posts. I’m going to admit, having been getting less than 200 monthly page views just two years ago, I was not prepared for this. But with me now getting thousands of monthly visitors (something I never dreamed would actually happen when I started this blog in December 2014), I guess that it’s inevitable that people would want to use Angry Retail Banker as a platform to promote their brand.

To those who want to work with me, all I can say is THANK YOU!!!! The fact that you want your name associated with mine–and are willing to pay for it–means everything to me.

That said, it’s become a little tiring explaining how I handle sponsored posts over and over to everyone that emails me (yes, I’ve been getting that many requests). So despite the fact that blogs older and way more successful than this one don’t do this, I’m creating this page to outline my policies and advertising fees for sponsored guest posts.

Sponsored Guest Posts

For businesses who are looking to advertise their products/services on my blog, I consider them to be sponsored posts and charge for them. My current fee structure is as follows:

–$150/year for any article written by me

–$100/year for any article written by you

I host articles for one year, with the option to renew it annually. The fees I quoted are for one year. As we near the one year mark of the article being posted, I will reach out to you to see if you want to renew for another year. If you do, I will collect the next month’s fees. If not, then the article will be taken down.

Once the post is written and the fees are collected, there are no refunds. All sales are final.

Note that all sponsored guest posts–including a link in an existing post–gets labeled as such. I am a big believer in transparency for my readers and if I am being financially compensated in some way to advertise you, they will know. Don’t worry, I will address this and stand by my advocacy of your company and its offerings.

That brings me to my next point. I will only allow you to have a sponsored post on my site if I feel comfortable with your company and product. You and it should be ethical and trustworthy, or else I will not accept a sponsored post.

If you write the article, I reserve the right to edit it for grammar/spelling, as well as quality. Any non-grammar/spelling changes will be sent back to you for final approval. If I write the article, I reserve the right to write it in my usual writing style. Either way, I own the content of article for as long as it is published (no plagiarizing my hard work, or posting duplicates on other sites and killing my Google rankings!). If it is written by you, you regain all rights to the content you have written if the article is ever taken down for whatever reason.

Whether the post is written by you or me, I make no guarantee as to how much traffic your business’s website will get or how much sales will result from my post. I only promise to market it as I would any of my own articles, which includes social media marketing for as long as the article is published on my blog. I treat sponsored guest posts as I do any of my other content.

For fellow bloggers and the like who just want to add valuable content to my site with writer’s credit and a couple links back to your own blog (you know, a standard guest post), feel free to reach out to me. I don’t charge for standard guest posts. Sponsored posts are for businesses looking to advertise, not fellow bloggers (including, and especially, bloggers I know and interact with). Whether your guest post request falls into the category of “sponsored” or not is at my sole discretion.

The final thing I’ll say in this haphazard set of “guidelines” is that the fees, rules, and everything else are subject to change at anytime at my sole discretion.

Contact Me

This set of guidelines is not intended to scare anyone away, but to give you an idea of what my sponsored guest post policies are before you contact me. This is to your benefit; you know before you even email me whether contacting me would be a waste of time or not.

If you are looking to do a sponsored guest post and aren’t scared off by my super strict guidelines (or if you have any questions about sponsored guest posts), contact me using this form: