My Recent Family Tragedy: Why You Need To Buy Term Life Insurance NOW

I was sitting front row at his wake, still wondering what the hell happened. The guy was younger than me. Healthier too. And living in a happily-ever-after fairy tale. He just had a baby (well, technically his wife had the baby) and bought a house. A very beautiful house decked out with all these little […]

You Are Going To Die

The Most Inconvenient Truth I’ve written many things on this blog over the years. Some things are agreed on by almost everyone who’s read it. Other articles have garnered controversies and attacks against my character and my ability to perform at my job. But whatever you think about any of my advice or opinions on […]

Angry Retail Banker Celebrates Its 3 Year Anniversary!

In late 2014, I had a vision of a popular anonymous banking blog overtaking the Internet. People would wonder and speculate who that mysterious and sexy keyboard warrior is, and flock behind him as he spoke TRUTH! Of course, I had no idea how to run a website, but I did a lot of research. And on December […]